Friday, February 15, 2013

Because I'm Sick.

Papa, I sick sometimes.
I go to doctor sometimes.
I sick doctor sometimes.
Can I have fenedryl?
I have
I have
I have
Can I have some banana?
Because I'm sick.

doesn't always produce anticipated effect

C-B doesn't necessarily need to = A

Laboring words she attempts
to formulate sense,
logistical energy into one thought,
one sentence.

Like a two year old
I, too, labor.

Orthodoxy married and at the same time divorced from Orthopraxis.

Being as a way of Doing.

Papa, I too am sick sometimes.
Praying through the hours.
Fever of expectation released into
May I have, welcome deep darkness.
May I
May I
Can I rest in the vigilant cry for surrender?
Because I am sick.

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