Friday, February 15, 2013

Because I'm Sick.

Papa, I sick sometimes.
I go to doctor sometimes.
I sick doctor sometimes.
Can I have fenedryl?
I have
I have
I have
Can I have some banana?
Because I'm sick.

doesn't always produce anticipated effect

C-B doesn't necessarily need to = A

Laboring words she attempts
to formulate sense,
logistical energy into one thought,
one sentence.

Like a two year old
I, too, labor.

Orthodoxy married and at the same time divorced from Orthopraxis.

Being as a way of Doing.

Papa, I too am sick sometimes.
Praying through the hours.
Fever of expectation released into
May I have, welcome deep darkness.
May I
May I
Can I rest in the vigilant cry for surrender?
Because I am sick.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


I sip.


Preparing for the exchange of when
your right hand will
caress the very leading of my left breast

This body
which not so long ago could soothe
your body
within the very crease of this right elbow
supporting your soft flaky white skin
weightless in very same palm that
cradles this pen

Now your legs spill
                          wiggle off, past this waist 

The nourishment which sustained your
entire self for so long
now only offers you sips of peace

So I sip.

Dried herbs
Calming flower petals
Promises of peace
Your skin

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


There is no hiding the cheat

pungent air 
speaks volumes more than
taste ever will

How often the simple pleasures become

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Song for my daughters.

Smart and Strong

That's the way we like em'

Monday, February 11, 2013

I Bend.

With a touch of my palm to your still so 
vulnerable head

May your spirit be open to receive the 
already available
peace of God
love of God
strength of God
joy of God
omnipotent presence of God
from the very top of your head
down to the very tips of your toes

I lavishly bathe hopeful reception 
into your skin 

The white door welcomes my departure
tells me I've done all I could do, should do
parental obligations, salutations complete
farewell, my love, until the sun awakes

Intuition halts the gravitational pull into
an independence awaiting
just beyond your bedroom door
just beyond the caring and nurturing of you 
into the caring and nurturing of me

This bending though

My fingers map their way back to her resting place 
spell "I love you" with three roads and 
I bend.

With the weight of presenting darkness
pressing stubbornly into the
very same core of self that, moments ago, sought escape
from responsibility
from caring 
I bend.

Folding this self in half
I find your vulnerable head
                    vulnerable spirit
and plant an impression of light
into your
winter chapped cheeks

vulnerable to the pull
bending into the arc of reception

Sunday, February 10, 2013


It is you whom she adores

Your germinating mind
2 years
Scattered but
oh so focused
on the very next step

Securing your independence

it is you whom she adores

By some stroke of ordination
you match
evidence of the always 
which will continue to secure your
directly before her

It is you whom she adores

Her germinating mind
9 months
Scattered but
oh so focused
on the very next step

Securing her independence

Still, she chooses 
time and time again
to use her swelling perseverance 
as a means to make her way to

the one she adores.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Peek.

It all began with a peek
a glance
a wonder

Mama, may I have a peek?
Go grab a chair and bring it on over.

She grabs wooden limbs that could, if requested
give you a peek
                   a glance
                   a wonder into the names of whose
left behind traces of our

What we ate
How we prepared
Whom we sat with
How we felt
Where we were

Mama, what is this?
This, my love, is vegetable soup.  Your Grandma's recipe, give or take a few changes.

Bay leaves

Roots that dug, 
fought passionately for growth and could, if requested
give you a peek
                   a glance
                   a wonder into the number of times you 
by misstep 
took a brother
or sister to their knees
into the soil of communion

Can I taste some?
Can I taste some Mama?

With the same arms that held your body so very close as we
nursed one another through the first 
sixteen months of life
I reach into the hardwood drawer
pull out a deep welled bamboo spoon
provide yet another taste of nourishment
a peek into whole living
a glance into the the history that carries your desire to wonder

to peek.